Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Лем би она, лем би она вишиваною била...

Our 67th annual general meeting of the membership was a wild success! We had a record attendance of 310 registered, voting members.

The highlights of the meeting included a hotly contested election to the board which saw one existing board member (Andre Sochaniwsky) returned for a new 2 year term, and a new board member (Natalie Witiuk) elected, also to a 2 year term. Attendees were also treated to a video that showed the deep involvement of Ukrainian Credit Union in its community both in a financial sense as well as a source of volunteers who take an active part in many aspects of community life. We'll post a copy of the video to YouTube and our Facebook page soon.

We'll also put a bunch of photos from the AGM up on our Facebook page in the next day or so, but in the meantime, since many of our staff came decked out in their best vyshyvanky, we'll post a few of those photos here.

Yuriy Nesvit, Branch Manager
in St. Catharines, sports a
classic white on white vyshyvka.
Kasimir Malevich would
have been proud
The front line staff at the
Bloor (Armadale) branch
Some of the Bloor (Durie) staff
Staff from Mississauga (Cawthra)
Irena, Marika and Maria at the
registration table
Staff at the registration table for our So-Use Division members

Iryna and Lyudmyla

Vlad Karman, Branch Manager,
Bloor (Armadale)

Olena Bat from our Etobicoke Branch

We'll also post pictures of the many winners of door prizes on our Facebook page. Anyway, since we started the song with the title of this post, might as well sing you a couple of verses....
Як ішов я з Дебречина додому,
Зайшла мені чорна кура дорогу.
Іди, іди, чорна кура, додому,
Не заважай, не заважай по дорозі нікому.

Як ішов я з Дебречина до Хусту,
Знайшов лем я вишиваную хустку.
Ой чи мила, чи не мила ю шила,
Лем би она, лем би она вишиваною била.

(P.S. - there are many different variants of this song, you'll have to blame the wonders of google for this particular version)

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